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Welcome. What do you want to design?

Write us what types of rooms do you want us to design for you and specify what size in sqare meters more or less do they have.













Tell us which style do you prefer.

There are a lot of interior styles, here we suggest some of the most popular. Try to find yours if you can not please try to describe it to us in Your own words.

e.g. scandinavian with classic elements

Highlight the colors you want to see in the project?

e.g. gray and olive

Which colors You would not like to see in the arrangement?

e.g. pink and Purple

Additional inspirations, links, photos.

This is the place for your inspiration ideas found on the Internet. Share the links of the interiors that best illustrates your style and taste.

General Information

Tell us some more details about the room that we will design.

For whom will the project be predicted and how many people it will be

From which side of the world are the windows

Floor type (eg panels, tile, parquet)

Wall finish

Additional wall decoration (eg wallpaper, brick)

Window decoration

Other comments

Enter furniture that should definitely be included in the project:

It's about newly designed furniture and as well abot those that you already have and want it to be used in the designed room.

Contact details


Last name

Your e-mail


Street, house number

ZIP code and city

Selection of the options

Specify the range of cooperation you are interested in. Formalities like the contract and payments will be sent by e-mail. Details of options. Plan details.